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Wysota has a blog?

I never expected myself to start a blog, but I feel like exposing some of my thoughts to the Internet community.

Some time ago I found a nice piece of software called NanoBlogger, so I thought I’ll give it a try.

I don’t expect the blog to have many readers and probably not many new entries as well, as I have become quite a busy man lately. I’d like this journal to be mainly IT-oriented, but I’ll be writing about other things too. Any feedback from potential readers is welcome.

What’s in it for me? Well, first of all I’d like to have a place of my own where I can express my opinions on various subjects. Second of all, I’m hoping to give people some entertainment and maybe help resolve some of their problems too. Furthermore I expect my English to improve a little too :)

One Response to “Wysota has a blog?”

  1. Zergin says:

    I never expected you to start a blog, though i understand the need to share some thoughts with others. Some times I also get this weird feeling – i usually wait until it’s gone 😀

    Any way – I’ll wait eagerly for new entries, and from time to time I guess I’ll put a comment too.

    Just a question: ‘what’s in it for me?’ – damn this gives one bad recollections… with some small and not-to-pretty girl spending her time on MTV now and then.. so now for the question… i forgot the question 😀

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