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Today I added support for posting comments using Reblogger. The template still needs some adjustments, but the functionality is there. I already have one comment, which seems not bad, regarded that only a few people know about this site.

8 Responses to “Comments”

  1. grey says:

    Well, then count me as one more. Now , it seems you have one extra comment… 😛

    The template needs some work in my opinion – it looks rather bit… severe. Link the colors with main page layout (green-white-orange), and enlarge the textarea if I may suggest.

    And, yes – one thing/question/whatever: What`s in it for us? :> Or it`s all just because of a plain need to excavate yourself to the others in web?

  2. zergin says:

    For the comment system – jeez, do sth to make it open in the same window! Why, oh y do I have to write this text in a new window? If I wanted to I could’ve do it, but y force me to?

    For us? But isn’t it obvious? It’s the priceless opportunity to look into Witek’s astonishing interior, the deepness of mind and soul, and, and.. dunno, actually: dunno.

    And.. that’s all folks :)

  3. zergin says:

    And this is what i call customer support! Just couple minutes later the Comment Posting System (later referred to as CPS) is working as one might expect.

    So now for the second task regarding the CPS: It would be nice to see commented text above (or under) the comment input area (textarea tag).

    Yeah.. i could’ve said it before.. possibly. But remember: small steps :)

  4. zergin says:

    A ha! And the ‘return to blog w/o posting’ button works wrong. It’s history.go(-1) as I presume? It’s OK at first, but after commenting it doesn’t give the effect as one might expect – guess you have to do it the hard way and make redirect to main page (or if the entries are paged if more then X to the last visited page).

  5. zergin says:

    I find more and more errors! You should change the name to Wysota’s beta blog 😀 The same error (with history) applies to ‘return to main page’ and to logo in upper left corner :)

  6. wysota says:

    It’s obvious the same problem appeared Marcin, as both things use the same mechanism. The problem should be fixed now. But please, don’t check 😛

  7. zergin says:

    But for the check i have to post at least two new comments – damn it would do me perversive pleasure :) i just have to!

  8. zergin says:

    Seems to work – great job :) you have a present of one more comment :) more is always good :)

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