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XX anniversary of the Polish Praying Mantis Kung Fu Society

Last Saturday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Polish Praying Mantis Kung Fu Society. Many people came, including our brothers and sisters from Finland. We spent hours talking to each other and having fun. Shifu Slawomir Milczarek received a gift from his polish students — a brand new notebook computer. Looks like he didn’t expect it. The times when he was saying “It will not run on my computer” are over :)

The evening was great although people were scattered throughout many tables and three rooms instead of being all in one place like a community should do. Free beer and snacks ended very quickly and people were forced to buy drinks which were quite expensive for polish conditions. On the other hand we listened to a concert of the Pavulon Twist group which gathered all the people closer to the scene.

The time flies, 20 years passed, 16 of which I was fortunate to be part of. Happy birthday PPMKFS!

2 Responses to “XX anniversary of the Polish Praying Mantis Kung Fu Society”

  1. zergin says:

    Truly the time flies. It seems that I first stepped into the training room about six years ago.. and what’s more importend i haven’t practised for over a year now. And yes – i know that it’s because I’m lazy not anything else :)

    Any way – Saturdays party was great :) beer was good enough for me to drink it (or maybe it was the pressure of lots of other drinkres knowing kung fu… 😛 ). MiÄ™so’s play was good, i was shocked to hear it though – i didn’t know he plays in a band :) There was a lot of fun as you said, talk and laughter :)

    I’m glad i was there :)

  2. grey says:

    been there, seen that :]

    Well, Shifu wasn`t expecting the gift at all, remember how did he thank for it 😀 It appears that on XXV anniversary we wil have to buy him some “external equipment” for the computer, he mentioned about – the usb-powered one 😛

    It was funny to see people you know from trainings in a place like that, dancing, drinking and having plain fun. Normally you get to remember them hitting each other, fighting or teaching you how to hurt someone without hurting yourself. Well, we learn new things every day (i.e. about the existence of Pavulon Twist band (besides, they played real nice :D))…

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