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Archive for July 16th, 2006

OpenGL Model articles

I decided to write a series of articles about implementing a complete data model based on Qt4 model-view framework called Interview which will hold object data from 3D scenes for use with OpenGL (a series of articles about implementing an OpenGL view in Qt4 will follow).

First two articles are ready:

If you have any commments or requests about those or future articles, drop me a line here or on QtCentre.

Holidays and train engines

Yesterday I returned from a week long holidays at the seaside. Apart from the rest itself (which was very fine by the way), I had some adventures on my way home.

During last two days (a rather long journey home, but that’s because it was divided in two parts) I had to take three trains. That’s not very adventureous on itself, but it’s starting to be when I mention that all three experienced unexpected delays because of some technical problems. The first one was because some other train broke and was blocking the track. The second one was delayed becase it stopped two times near some depots waiting for the semaphore to allow it through (probably some other trains had problems). The third one, finally, was canceled (!) 60km before reaching the destination, because the engine overheated! I had to wait an hour for the next train to get home (the bright side is that I started writing an article which will be published later today). The other train was a little late which in turn caused that I missed the bus home by one minute and had to wait half an hour for the next one (and it was the last bus that day, the hour was 11pm). Thank you National Polish Railways!

All this makes thoughts about buying a car come to my mind again…

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