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Designer Tutorial

Some time ago I created and published a video tutorial for Qt4 Designer. Nothing funky, some small speaking problems, but hopefully next tutorial will be better.

I received a good feedback from people who have seen the tutorial before I published it, so hopefully someone will find my work useful.

You can download the tutorial from my webpage.

5 Responses to “Designer Tutorial”

  1. seba says:

    great stuff, hope to see more soon!

  2. mithin says:

    I downloaded it and tried to run it using VLC on windows, but can only hear audio and not see the video. VLC on mac runs it properly (I asked one of my friend to check this). When I downloaded the required codec it hanged on the first scene of the video. If possible, can you please post it with some other codec. (I know you are busy now, so whenever you are free).

  3. wysota says:

    The tutorial uses DivX4/5 (or DivX3, I don’t remember right now) codec, but I’ll make a duplicate in Xvid as well, when I find time :)

  4. Ion says:

    Thank you, this is a very nice tutorial

  5. andy says:

    Nice tutorial!
    I bet you learned by now how to properly pronounce the word “signals” :)

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