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Just letting you know that I’m here and alive :)

I haven’t posted anything here for a while not because nothing was happening in my life, but for a simple reason that I’ve been extremely busy.

The contest has started (I plan to write a separate note about it here, so I won’t elaborate now) which gave me some free time for other activities. I’m having a semestre break, so I took my time to rest a bit. People visiting QtCentre might have noticed fluctuations in my presence there. I’ve been having a great time and hardly touched the computer for the last week.

I finally found time to start rewriting my Bachelour project to Qt4 – I’m having fun with QGraphicsView. Unfortunately it has some “features” I don’t like (for example if an item has children then it receives hover events for that child even if it is outside its boundingRect (not to mention its shape). I’ll be implementing an item model for QGraphicsScene soon. I’m very excited to do that – I consider this a challenge :)

Apart from that I ported wwWidgets to Qt4, added a few new features and I’m planning to release it soon.

Another thing that happened recently was a little seminar I had on my univerity. I was introducing Qt4 to two of the teachers working there. It looks like that they liked the concept Qt presents :)

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