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Mass mailing

Finally I managed to get most of the diplomas and gifts for the QtCentre Programming Contest mailed out. A few are still to be sent, because of some stupid mistakes we made. Anyway you should start receiving them. And if anyone still hasn’t received one of the prizes he won, let us know by email.

Sorry it all took so long, but we’ve learned a lot, so if we decide to start the second edition, we’ll organize ourselves much better this time.

Should we do the second edition? I’d like to know peoples’ comments on that…

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8 Responses to “Mass mailing”

  1. William says:

    Definitely you should do a second edition. In my case, one of the winners (the QXML-RPC helper library) is just what we need in a project I have just began in the university. My point is that this contest can be very useful to many people, even for those who had not participate on it. Also a good way to get innovative ideas for Qt toolkit.

  2. Torsten Rahn says:

    I’d welcome another edition of the Qt Centre Contest (even although we likely won’t participate in the future given that we have won in two categories last time already).

    However you guys should put a lot more thought into it.
    In addition to the feedback I have already given before here are a few more items:
    – Make sure that the person who will receive the price doesn’t need to go to the customs to pick it up (that did cost me 3 hours of time and EUR 15).
    – Make sure that when ordering books at amazon the person that receives the price won’t receive spam from amazon afterwards (which started to happen for me afterwards).

  3. John says:

    I was a bit upset about the competition because it seemed that the winners could have just been announced right at the start. What was the point in having the competition if the winners are people who have been working on their ‘submission’ for years already?

    Why not just drop the whole pretence of it being a competition, and just simply give the best existing projects an award directly? That way you save the 6 months or so between asking for submissions and choosing a winner.

  4. Johan Thelin says:

    John, I’m a bit surprised looking at your comment. To my knowledge, QXML-RPC, GCF, Warp Tree, QNANColorMapPlotWidget, QDevelop, Lumina, Edyuk, QTractor, Todoodle as well as GreenSudoku are fairly new and unknown. Also, all contestants – including the famous entries – had previously not been rewarded in a comparable contest.

  5. Sunil says:

    Yes, I would definitely love to see and participate in the next edition.

    And I second Thelin. A competetion does provide a reason to start on a new adventure or resume your current interest :-) .
    As for me; I have started to think about a new OSS for the next competition !!

    @wysota: Have you considered posting a poll

  6. J-P says:

    I vote yes, not only for second edition, but for an annual (or bi-annual) tradition! :)

  7. marcel says:

    Well, looks like we’re gonna be disappointed this year…
    Or is it a summer contest?

  8. wysota says:

    Sorry, can’t say anything :)

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