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A small class for sending mails from your applications.

Licenced under GPL. Commercial licence available upon request.

One Response to “qwwsmtpclient”

  1. I have downloaded and tried to compile trojita email client with qwwsmtpclient classes from Sir Wysota
    I want to send email as tell a friend feature in my desctop application
    Could you tell me please
    1) why using qt4.7 with mingw on windows when I try to build compile qwwsmtpclient I get error that the compiler can not recognise QSslSocket class. You use there QSslSocket for communication and qwwsmtpclient subproject could not be build. Please help to compile to fix

    2) What is smtp server, user and password I need to put to the classes so as to assure reliable communication. What host, user, password to use?

    A lot of thanks
    Pavel Mazniker
    junior qt developer

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