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Qt DevDays 2009

Are you going to Troll… eeem…. Qt Soft… hmm… Qt by Nok…. aaaahaa! Qt Developer Days?

I strongly suggest you do so, if you have such oportunity. Although the Early Bird registration for Munich is already closed (meaning a higher fee to pay to attend the conference) but it’s still open for San Francisco, so start registering! The conference is worth attending even at full price, so don’t hesitate – get your wallets (or better yet your bosses wallet) out!

This year we have three parallel tracks – Technical, Qt in Use and Education. All are looking very interesting. If you’re an engineer it’s most probably you’d want to see most of the technical sessions and they are looking quite good. My favourites are probably going to be Optimizing Performance in Qt Applications, The Next Generation Qt Item Views, QWidget in Depth, Special FX with Qt Graphics View and Animation Framework: A Step Toward Modern UIs. It’s hard to see them all and there are other great sessions as well.

If you’re still programming using Visual Studio, (K|Q)Develop or Eclipse, you’ll probably want to see sessions about Qt Creator and let yourself be introduced into the world of magic in software development.

Take your boss with you too (especially if you don’t use Qt at work yet) – let him/her attend the Qt in Use sessions. See how others make Qt part of their success – maybe your company can benefit from the technology as well? Even if you are already using Qt, maybe there is some place for improvement and (catchphrase for your boss comming!) reduction of expenses.

If you have academic background, it’s important that you attend the Qt in Education sessions, especially see Knut and Juergen talk about implementing Qt in universities and teaching materials available.

And don’t forget the parts that let you integrate with the community – coctail party, dinner, games and lots of chatting with Qt users from all over the world, Trolls included (they don’t bite, at least not intentionally).

If you’re “just” a Qt (or KDE) user, consider attending as well, it’s great fun and you can meet people responsible for the software you use everyday. Fact or crap?

We’ll be there (in Munich), will you? Share your opinions on past conferences and the upcoming ones. What are the best sessions in your opinion?

6 Responses to “Qt DevDays 2009”

  1. Dude says:

    All the last years FOSS developers related in some way to KDE/Qt were invited for free. Do I get it right, that you do not offer this opportunity this year?

    • wysota says:

      I’m probably not the right person to direct this question to as I’m not affiliated with Qt by Nokia.

      To be honest, I don’t know how it is this year, I stopped tracking this two years ago. It’s probably best to contact someone from the Community Management in the department. I can give you an e-mail address if you’re interested in contacting them (just drop me a mail at wysota at and obtaining such information.

    • Keep your eyes on the Dot – as soon as Nokia get back to me on the number of tickets we’ve got available, there’ll be more on the topic :) In short terms, though: 12 people have been granted tickets so far (all people from the kde game development community, or those interested in the topic), who will then attend a sprint prior to the Munich devdays. The San Francisco devdays sprint organisers are still waiting to hear back before they start organising, we just couldn’t wait (not enough time), but there should still be a couple of tickets left for devdays only (the sprint itself is closed, we had to stop so we could get accommodation ordered). But, yup, there are free tickets for KDE devs :)

      • wysota says:

        Free passes are not impossible to obtain, of course. We (QtCentre) have got some free entries to DevDays as well (none left, unfortunately). So let’s not make Nokia look that bad (@Stecchino), although bureaucracy indeed makes things a bit harder than in the old days of Trolltech. We all just have to adjust to each other and hopefully all will be fine.

  2. Stecchino says:

    It seems like Nokia has gone all bureaucratic on the process which makes free passes virtually impossible to come by. I’m absolutely sure this will lead to a reduction in the number of community members present at the DevDays, a loss for both Nokia and the Qt Open Source community.
    You can be sure that, combined with the other areas Nokia is doing community involvement all wrong, this issue will be raised through various channels.

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