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Qt DevDays 2009

Are you going to Troll… eeem…. Qt Soft… hmm… Qt by Nok…. aaaahaa! Qt Developer Days?

I strongly suggest you do so, if you have such oportunity. Although the Early Bird registration for Munich is already closed (meaning a higher fee to pay to attend the conference) but it’s still open for San Francisco, so start registering! The conference is worth attending even at full price, so don’t hesitate – get your wallets (or better yet your bosses wallet) out!

This year we have three parallel tracks – Technical, Qt in Use and Education. All are looking very interesting. If you’re an engineer it’s most probably you’d want to see most of the technical sessions and they are looking quite good. My favourites are probably going to be Optimizing Performance in Qt Applications, The Next Generation Qt Item Views, QWidget in Depth, Special FX with Qt Graphics View and Animation Framework: A Step Toward Modern UIs. It’s hard to see them all and there are other great sessions as well.

If you’re still programming using Visual Studio, (K|Q)Develop or Eclipse, you’ll probably want to see sessions about Qt Creator and let yourself be introduced into the world of magic in software development.

Take your boss with you too (especially if you don’t use Qt at work yet) – let him/her attend the Qt in Use sessions. See how others make Qt part of their success – maybe your company can benefit from the technology as well? Even if you are already using Qt, maybe there is some place for improvement and (catchphrase for your boss comming!) reduction of expenses.

If you have academic background, it’s important that you attend the Qt in Education sessions, especially see Knut and Juergen talk about implementing Qt in universities and teaching materials available.

And don’t forget the parts that let you integrate with the community – coctail party, dinner, games and lots of chatting with Qt users from all over the world, Trolls included (they don’t bite, at least not intentionally).

If you’re “just” a Qt (or KDE) user, consider attending as well, it’s great fun and you can meet people responsible for the software you use everyday. Fact or crap?

We’ll be there (in Munich), will you? Share your opinions on past conferences and the upcoming ones. What are the best sessions in your opinion?

Peak productivity

Well, this is something that describes me perfectly…
PhD Comic strip

Ok, time to stop distracting myself and get back to work…


“There and back again”

Well… here I am again :) And again trying hard to resurrect this blog. I hope this time it’ll be with success. I started by pimping the looks of the site, maybe it helps me motivate myself to write here whenever I have something to say. And believe me, I do as lot has happened since my last post here.

Furthermore, I’m going to integrate all my bits of personal web activity with the blog – my bibliography, library of code snippets, etc.

Stay tuned!

Comeback (again)…

I haven’t blogged for ages… As my excuse I can say that much has happened during that time in my life but the time has come to start blogging again and share my fresh ideas, so expect me to write something now and then. And if I don’t then bug me about it until I do.

Qt Centre staff increasing

Today Qt Centre forum community has been given two new moderators. J-P Nurmi and Marcel Nita have joined the forum staff. We have acknowledged their Qt skills a long time ago and now we had a chance to promote their devotion to the site. I wish the new Super Moderators great fun and as little work as possible in their new service to Community.

This is not the only addition to the moderator team. Last week we have opened a new sub-forum dedicated to Qwt and of course Uwe Rathmann, the author of the library moderates the section – so if you have any questions related to Qt widgets for technical applications, you can ask them at Qt Centre.

Congratulations to all the new moderators!

“Don’t play with matches while sitting on an open barrel of powder”

We have a saying in Poland like the one in the title of this post. Well… seems I forgot about it today (well… now it’s already tomorrow, so today means yesterday).

What happened? I bought myself a new shiny harddisk for my laptop and an external USB drive to put the old disk into use. That’s nothing bad of course. At least not on its own… But while preparing a working environment on the new disk I had the old disk hot-plugged to access its data. At some moment one of the volumes became inaccessible. The NTFS filesystem seems to be invalid and despite my tries to salvage the disk I was unsuccessful and it looks like I’ll have to say good bye to the data stored on that partition.

As it was a Windows installation and I rarely work on Windows there wasn’t much precious data there… Actually there was only one piece of valuable data there – one that wasn’t copied anywhere else… And now for the best part – what was that data? Well… not my bank passwords (thank God!) and not my PhD thesis (the risk of it being lost was minimal as the thesis doesn’t exist yet, but never underestimate the power of quantum fluctuations!). But unfortunately it was a final project of the diploma for the Qt Centre Programming Contest… What a shame… if I don’t find a way to access my data, I’ll have to make the diploma again and last time it took three months to do it :)

So… if anyone knows how to validate an invalid ntfs filesystem (standard Windows tools said it was unrepairable) without buying expensive software, I’d be grateful for any help in that matter.

Memo for today – Uncle Bill doesn’t like me.

PPAM 2007

I have just returned from my first scientific conference. It was PPAM 2007 held in Gdansk, Poland. The most important thing is that I went there not only as a “viewer”, but as an active participant, presenting my first paper — End to End QoS Measurements of TCP Connections. The article will be published in upcoming LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) by Springer. The article will also be published on my website after the print is complete. Here is the abstract:


This paper presents selected issues on quality measurements of TCP connections, seen from the end user’s perspective and not from the service provider’s point of view. The main focus is put on selection of parameters, which values are worth gathering, and can be gathered without disturbing end user applications. To verify the presented ideas, a measuring tool — QMP (QoS Measurement Plug In) was developed. QMP is placed inside the kernel of Linux 2.6 operating system as an extension to the packet filter. The paper shortly describes the tool and some experiments performed with it.


Just switched to WordPress. Nanoblogger is nice, but its development has been terminated.

Most content has already been moved to the new engine, but permanent links to old blog entries need to be redirected to new ones. Hopefully it will all make me catch up with the blog – much has happened during last few months.

Sorry for the fuzz with RSS that will probably take place…


I’m soooo overwhelmed with work today… I’m working all day since morning and I feel like as far from my goal as I was few hours earlier…

What do you feel? Do you feel having enough time for your hobbies and other free time activities?

John Higgins – World Snooker Champion 2007

John Higgins has just won the World Snooker Championship for the second time. Hurray!

John Higgins

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