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50000 posts

Yesterday around midnight we breached the 50k posts barrier at Qt Centre forum. Unfortunately Jacek snatched that 50,000th post and it’s a pitty because we were planning to reward the poster, but we won’t reward ourselves, so we’ll have to wait for the 65,535th post or something like that :)

Nevertheless I’m very happy to see that after 20 months of Qt Centre activity we managed to gather such a knowledge base. I hope that the 100 posts per weekday trend will continue so that soon we can title ourselves “the biggest Qt community site and forum” instead of “the biggest actively maintained Qt community site and forum”. Although the post count is not really that important (the knowledge base is contained also in the wiki and the FAQ section ), it’s a solid figure allowing one to compare different forum based sites.

If you have any comments or ideas regarding Qt Centre, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail, private messaging, the feedback section of the forum or by commenting this post.

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