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Archive for September, 2006

GLModel part 2

Today, motivated by a comment on my blog and Johan’s blog post, I have published the next article about making a custom Qt model that holds information about objects in a 3D scene. This article aims to show how to create an internal representation of data used by the model.

Back to business

I feel much better today, looks like the sickness finally broke. As it is getting easier to think, it is time to get back to work.

Those last days of doing nothing made me think. Either I am so busy that I can’t afford to spend some time to relax and do “personal” things or I am so lazy that I can’t make myself to work efficiently so that I can use the remaining time to do the above mentioned things. And it is not easy to decide which is the case, so probably both are true :)

Oh well… at least I’m back writing my blog again.

Charts 0.2

I’ve been sick for a few days now and I don’t feel like doing anything serious, so I have a lot free time to do “other things”.

I started thinking and finally decided that I should release an update to my MVC charts. I wrote the updated class some time ago but never put it on the Web. Now it’s time to do that. Nothing funky, I added some stuff for manipulating the chart title and axis descriptions. Unfortunately something weird causes charts to eat up all my cpu cycles and I can’t find the reason. I even tried profiling the code but without success. Oh well… maybe I’ll go back to the application and try to trace what’s going on. Better that than lying in bed whole day.

You can download the bundle from my website.

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