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About me

My name is Witold Wysota. I was born in WrocÅ‚aw, Poland in 1981. I’m a PhD candidate in the Institute of Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology where I give lectures and conduct excercises on Qt as part of Programming Interactive Applications course. I was also involved in Systems and Networks Security and Compilation Techniques courses.

In 2005 I became B.Sc. in Software Engineering and Information Systems with a thesis called Extentions to the StartGE Graphical Editor with a secondary degree subject of Network and Telecom Services Management followed by a M.Sc. in Computer Science with a thesis Measuring Quality of Internet Connections Through a Plugin in TCP Implementation a year later. I continue my studies with testing graphical user interfaces in applications as my topic of research. An up to date list of my publications is available.

In 2003 I started experimenting with Qt by Trolltech joining a community of people exchanging knowledge about the toolkit at After its twilight related to selling the domain to a 3rd party and continuing degradation of the forum functionality together with Axel Jaeger, Daniel Kish, Johan Thelin and Jacek Piotrowski we left QtForum and established a new site – Qt Centre which became the largest community knowledge base on Qt.

In 2007 I helped Johan Thelin with writing his first (and hopefully not the last) book – Foundations of Qt Development as the Technical Reviewer.

Since May 2008 I’ve been working for a company called Arise as a Qt Specialist where I design and write software based on Qt and work as a Qt trainer.

Since 1989 I’ve been practicing the Chinese martial arts system Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan (Seven Star Praying Mants Kung Fu) under Shifu SÅ‚awomir Milczarek, the closest disciple of master Yu Tiancheng from Yantai, China. During these years I’ve taken part in many national and international competitions and festivals obtaining success in different tao lu (form) categories. In 2001 I was awarded with a black sash in Praying Mantis Kung Fu by Shifu Milczarek. I’m currently a board member of the Polish Praying Mantis Kung Fu Society.

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