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Archive for January 11th, 2006

Hey, more free time for me!

Today is a historical day for me. By the end of the year I resigned from my first computer-related job and today I’ve been there for the last time to return all the work related stuff I had and to introduce my successor to his working environment.

I worked there for over five years and my responsibility changed a few times during that period of time. I started as a DTP operator (I gained a lot of experience there) then switched to caring about a www page the company has, finally became a handyman, but this wasn’t a job for me, gave me no satisfaction and almost no money (but a lot of stress instead) so I resigned.

Now I have little more free time (the work there wasn’t very time consuming), and a lot less stress. So generally I am a happy man again :) After leaving the room for the last time (hopefully), I threw my hands in the air and laughed. My life changed a lot during the period of time I worked there, I learned not only things connected with computers and stuff but also how to cope with people and what to expect from them. I’m sure this experience won’t be wasted. Now I can focus on my Master’s Thesis…

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