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Archive for September 16th, 2007

Contest results

Oh, by the way – we have announced the results of the Qt Centre Programming Contest.

PPAM 2007

I have just returned from my first scientific conference. It was PPAM 2007 held in Gdansk, Poland. The most important thing is that I went there not only as a “viewer”, but as an active participant, presenting my first paper — End to End QoS Measurements of TCP Connections. The article will be published in upcoming LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) by Springer. The article will also be published on my website after the print is complete. Here is the abstract:


This paper presents selected issues on quality measurements of TCP connections, seen from the end user’s perspective and not from the service provider’s point of view. The main focus is put on selection of parameters, which values are worth gathering, and can be gathered without disturbing end user applications. To verify the presented ideas, a measuring tool — QMP (QoS Measurement Plug In) was developed. QMP is placed inside the kernel of Linux 2.6 operating system as an extension to the packet filter. The paper shortly describes the tool and some experiments performed with it.

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