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First points for Kubica

Quite a boring race (no cars flying centimetres over one’s head, etc.), but at least Kubica finished Bahrajn GrandPrix at 6th place and earned his first points this season. Ferrari, McLaren and BMW again proved to have no other serious opponents this year.

Some Bahrajn GP “related” photos follow :)


Courtesy of

Cut the cable…

My new laptop card wireless card finally arrived today. It’s a MiniPCI Intel PRO Wireless 2915ABG. Nothing fancy, but at least it has native Linux drivers so I knew there is a big chance I won’t be having much problems getting it to run. I managed to connect to my access point after some minutes of battling the software (you know, Mandriva and stuff…). It turns out my laptop has a pretty good antenna, the signal is much stronger than with the cardbus cards I tried earlier.

Finally I can return Jacek’s D-Link I borrowed some time ago :)

Nanoblogger update complete

Looks like I finally managed to finish the upgrade of my blog software. There are still some things to be done (bring back weblinks and make sure comments are working), but at least the css loads properly.

Because of these problems with nanoblogger, I’m more and more leaning towards installing WordPress. Especially that Matt released his cms client that works with WordPress.

ICMP Echo Reply

Just letting you know that I’m here and alive :)

I haven’t posted anything here for a while not because nothing was happening in my life, but for a simple reason that I’ve been extremely busy.

The contest has started (I plan to write a separate note about it here, so I won’t elaborate now) which gave me some free time for other activities. I’m having a semestre break, so I took my time to rest a bit. People visiting QtCentre might have noticed fluctuations in my presence there. I’ve been having a great time and hardly touched the computer for the last week.

I finally found time to start rewriting my Bachelour project to Qt4 – I’m having fun with QGraphicsView. Unfortunately it has some “features” I don’t like (for example if an item has children then it receives hover events for that child even if it is outside its boundingRect (not to mention its shape). I’ll be implementing an item model for QGraphicsScene soon. I’m very excited to do that – I consider this a challenge :)

Apart from that I ported wwWidgets to Qt4, added a few new features and I’m planning to release it soon.

Another thing that happened recently was a little seminar I had on my univerity. I was introducing Qt4 to two of the teachers working there. It looks like that they liked the concept Qt presents :)


Wow, I made it on OSNews! Thanks Johan for letting me know, especially that probably this blog entry is responsible for that :)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Let the newborn Christ endow you with all His grace and bring happiness to your homes!

I wish you as many happy moments as you can imagine and as few sorrows as possible. Be wise, explore your talents and share them with others so that they also can benefit from the gifts you have received.

A day I would gladly forget

Today (or rather yesterday as it’s already past midnight) was not a good day for me.

It started with a test about “Modern Heuristic Techniques” at the University which didn’t go well at all for me. Out of three tasks I was only able to do one. Not the best result one could think of…

Then it looked like good fate turned its face back to me as finally after almost a week of silence my server regained contact with outside world (the administrator of the router “forgot” to type in rules for forwarding packets to my server through the firewall after a disc failure on the latter) and thanks to that you can read my words now and I could at last read my emails from last week.

I would happily miss that fun, as it turned out that the person for whom I was writing an application for the last 15 months decided to terminate the project (Qt4) and switch the effort to create a web-based solution (ASP, C#, AJAX). He said Qt turned out to be too powerfull for him. Hmm… maybe my design was too complex, I don’t know – I’ll have to think about it some time later.

Anyway, I regained some free time but lost a quite steady cash flow. I’ll have to start looking for another one in upcoming months. I have some ideas of my own which up till now had to wait for “better times”, but maybe those just arrived and it’s time to create something which could give me some profit. Of course Qt should be there to help me, provided that it will be fast enough to do the job.

Currently I’m in the middle of a few things and waiting for some more work (can’t go into details now) so I guess I should finish them first before starting something serious. Especially that recently I have become involved in a research project at the University within a domain which I am quite unfamiliar with (a bridge between traditional and IP-based telecommunication). This might require more time than I expect – we’ll see what the future brings…

Back to business

I feel much better today, looks like the sickness finally broke. As it is getting easier to think, it is time to get back to work.

Those last days of doing nothing made me think. Either I am so busy that I can’t afford to spend some time to relax and do “personal” things or I am so lazy that I can’t make myself to work efficiently so that I can use the remaining time to do the above mentioned things. And it is not easy to decide which is the case, so probably both are true :)

Oh well… at least I’m back writing my blog again.

Holidays and train engines

Yesterday I returned from a week long holidays at the seaside. Apart from the rest itself (which was very fine by the way), I had some adventures on my way home.

During last two days (a rather long journey home, but that’s because it was divided in two parts) I had to take three trains. That’s not very adventureous on itself, but it’s starting to be when I mention that all three experienced unexpected delays because of some technical problems. The first one was because some other train broke and was blocking the track. The second one was delayed becase it stopped two times near some depots waiting for the semaphore to allow it through (probably some other trains had problems). The third one, finally, was canceled (!) 60km before reaching the destination, because the engine overheated! I had to wait an hour for the next train to get home (the bright side is that I started writing an article which will be published later today). The other train was a little late which in turn caused that I missed the bus home by one minute and had to wait half an hour for the next one (and it was the last bus that day, the hour was 11pm). Thank you National Polish Railways!

All this makes thoughts about buying a car come to my mind again…


I received my Master’s Degree in Computer Science today. Looks like I’m not a student anymore… At least not until I begin my Ph.D. studies :)

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